Effortless Online Design Upload and Order Placement

Take advantage of our user-friendly online platform to effortlessly upload your designs and place your order. Whether your designs feature unlimited colors, simple graphics, or intricate artwork, we welcome them all. Simply upload your desired design, and we'll transform it into a high-quality direct-to-film (DTF) transfer of exceptional quality.


Fast Printing and Swift Shipping of Your Transfers

Once we receive your order, we swiftly proceed to print your transfers with our specialized DTF transfer process. Our unique method ensures the creation of highly detailed, top-notch, full-color direct-to-film transfers. Rest assured, we prioritize quality and efficiency, guaranteeing that your transfers will be printed and ready to ship within 24 hours.

Easy Application Process: Heatpress or Cricut, Your Choice!

When you're ready to apply your DTF transfer, you have the option to use a heatpress or a Cricut machine. Simply set your heatpress to 320°F / 160°C, apply medium pressure for 12-15 seconds, allow 15 seconds to cool before peeling, and for maximum durability, press it again. Plus, you can store any extra transfers indefinitely for future use.

Unleash Your Imagination: Print Any Design onto Any Product or Material with Unbeatable Color and Durability.

No Setup or Art Fees – No Minimums – Lightning-Fast Shipping – Guaranteed Satisfaction

Experience the unparalleled versatility of direct-to-film (DTF) printing. This state-of-the-art technology enables you to print your designs onto specialized films, which you can then seamlessly transfer onto a wide range of products, and materials. Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional durability, rivaling that of traditional silkscreen prints. With our DTF printing services, the possibilities are limitless. Say goodbye to design restrictions and embrace the freedom to create stunning, long-lasting prints.